Security Tips

To use Fungle, you need to enter your wallet's private key in the "Settings" tab.
The Fungle team does not have access to your private key. Your private key is stored locally on your PC.
The private key is encrypted when it is stored and is encrypted during any communication as well.

Is Fungle secure??

Fungle does not outsource its development and is 100% developed by the Fungle Dev team.
With one year of development and more than 100K market orders without any issue, you can use our services with peace of mind.😉
Of course, it contains no viruses of any kind. 【External virus check site results】 You can use our services with peace of mind.😉

Security Tips

If you want to use Fungle even more securely, we recommend the following.
  • Create a dedicated Fungle wallet and use it when using the app.
  • Do not connect your PC to public wifi.
  • Have a dedicated PC for Fungle. (You rarely need to go this far.)
This is not limited to the use of Fungle, but we recommend that you save your private keys on your own, not as text data, but as images.
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