What is sponsorship?

Fungle sponsorship is a system whereby participants are rewarded with a portion of the sales generated from the links issued to them. We created this program so that sponsors, users and fungle team can grow together.

Fungle's sponsorship system

■Totally free to join!

No money is charged for registration or continuation of the sponsorship. It is easy for anyone to join. All you need is a Metamask! Sign in here.

■ You receive 20% of the first sale from each user and 10% of subsequent sales from the same user forever.

Sponsors will earn 20% for first subscription and 10% for next subscriptions of the same user. If you have a strong community around you, you can create good stable income by participating in our referral system.
Users who register with Fungle through the link you create will receive a 10% discount on their first purchase. Take advantage of this when promoting Fungle.

■ Rewards are paid in BNB!

Rewards can be received by connecting your wallet to your account page via the web! You can claim your rewards in BNB!

Sponsorship Q&A

Q.How do I get started? A. Please read this guide. How to start a sponsorship
Q.What products do we introduce? A.You guys introduce Fungle subscription memberships. For more information about Fungle, please check. Fungle Web​
Q.How can I introduce Fungle? A.Social networking sites, blog posts, etc. are basically free. You can use any text, image or video from the Fungle web or this WIKI as long as it is for publicity purposes. Please do not make any incorrect statements.
Q.Is this system a scam? A.No. Rewards are managed through contracts, ensuring that sponsors receive them. For more information about Fungle's Team, please read. About us​
Also check the sponsoring system's contracts.
Q.I have another question. A.Join our Telegram or Discord and the Fungle team will answer your questions. Telegram Discord​