Why choosing Fungle?

Intuitive and excellent user interface🙆‍♂️

Fungle has an easy-to-understand UI that is comparable to any exchange. Everything is intuitive and even beginners know what to do.

Accurate market, limit and stop orders💹💹

Fungle allows limit and stop orders to be ordered and cancelled without fee. (If the trade is executed, fee will be needed.) All cumbersome UI loading and Metamask confirmation buttons are skipped.

Record all transaction history📝

An easy-to-read record of all transaction history for each order method and token pair. You can check it later whenever you like.

Robust security due to local operation💻

Fungle is secure thanks to local storage. Your private key is stored and encrypted only on your PC and cannot be seen by anyone.
For more information, see "Security Tips".

Continuous updates by Dev team⚡️⚡️

Fungle is continuously developed and updated by a 5-person Dev team. If there is a feature you need, let us know 😎.
If you need support or have a request, contact us! Telegram :
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