How fungle security works ?

Fungle's goal is to provide the best possible user experience, but we believe that security is the most critical point of any blockchain application.

As secure as Metamask

When we consult the source code of metamask, it has mainly 2 things to secure:
  • Seed phrase
  • Private keys
In the first case, Fungle is not concerned since our software does not use seed phrases. In the case of private keys, we use the same strategy as Metamask. The private key is encrypted and saved in the local storage then at the opening of the application and following the recording of your password the private keys are decrypted and put into the RAM (Random Access Memory). This prevents anyone from accessing your private data. Moreover, if you are interested, you can consult this very interesting blog about the security of metamask.

Official license

We have an official Apple certificate , which allows you to install the application without any warning on MacOs. This means that we have accepted the rules for users data usage and that we must respect them. We will also be getting a Windows license in the next few weeks.

A Story of trust

At the time of writing this article, Fungle has been running for 8 months, and more than 120,0000 transactions have been made via Fungle. None of the users has expressed any doubts about the security of our software.