Fungle is a multi-network software for DEX traders 🐊

  • Enhanced trading experience with modern UI/UX design

  • Support for market orders (SWAP), limit orders and stop loss.

  • Easily manage multiple wallets

  • Fast transactions with front running protection (anti-mev) on Solana

Sleep well shitcoin traders.

In the world of shitcoin trading, the fear of rug pulls and crashes is constant. One of our team members experienced this firsthand, losing 99% of his assets. In that moment of despair, he thought, "I'm done."

Fungle was born out of this experience, designed specifically for those who have faced similar challenges. Our mission is to protect and maximize the assets of shitcoin traders while providing peace of mind.

As long as you trust us, we will continue to fight for you.

With love to all shitcoin traders 💕

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